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  1. Sara   Vishakar
    The Wonder of It All. Courtesy of KIPAC. The universe has been around for roughly billion years, but it still holds many mysteries that continue to perplex astronomers to this day.
    23.09.2019 Reply
  2. Kagagrel   Tojagami
    Capricorn History The Ancient Babylonians and the Ancient Sumerians were the first to place the constellation of Capricorn in the sky as the hybrid goat-fish. This placement still remains a mystery however, it can be said that the placement occurred during the early Bronze Age around 1, before the common era as a mark of the Winter Solstice.
    21.09.2019 Reply
  3. Arashirn   Gagal
    Using Mystery Science to support at-home learning? Check out the at-home learning FAQs for student link info and other tips. Video Bonus Vote. Who created the constellations? Watch the video to discover the answer and don't forget to vote for next week's question. There are mysteries all around us. Have fun and stay curious!
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  4. Grom   Gardadal
    Jan 02,  · Update is now available on the App Store and Google Play! Prepare to reach for the stars in the marvelous new quests and receive fantastic .
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  5. Vomi   Tugis
    Perhaps there is something about the mystery of the night sky that makes people want to tell stories about the constellations. The picture at the left is an ornate star chart printed in Like the others, it shows the great hunter Orion.
    24.09.2019 Reply
  6. Nikorr   Kalkis
    King David wrote that a special Divine message has been heralded to all people of every language in the sky -- as the sun moves through the twelve "houses."MYSTERY of the MAZZAROTH decodes the pictorial message of the Zodiac, showing that it contains the same language of /5(33).
    20.09.2019 Reply
  7. Kazragami   Goltijin
    There actually are 50 “ancient” constellations; astronomers divided one of the constellations (Argo) into 3 parts. “Modern” constellations — like the Peacock, Telescope, and Giraffe — were identified by later astronomers of the s, s, and s who used telescopes and who were able to observe the night sky in the southern hemisphere.
    18.09.2019 Reply
  8. Zuluk   Doukus
    A list of the 88 constellations of the night sky. The poop deck of the Argo Navis; a sub-division of the ancient constellation Argo – in Greek mythology, the ship of the Argonauts.
    25.09.2019 Reply
  9. Gar   Shanris
    The Mystery of the Mazzaroth Creator's Design Proclaimed in the Sky! (Prophetic Types in the Jewish Constellations and Hebrew Stars.) For thousands of years, Mankind has looked up into the night skies and beheld the starry-heavens. And the breathtaking sight has caused him to ponder the MEANING of what he is seeing.
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